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Sibylle Pietrek

Sibylle Pietrek


Sibylle Pietrek was born in 1965 in D�sseldorf, Germany. After completing secondary school and training as a still-life photographer, she spent a number of years in Paris. Since 1992 she�s back in her hometown where she lives with her husband and two children.

Following years of work in advertising, she now concentrates on floral and garden photography. Alongside working with publishers of calendars and garden books, photo journalism is the focal point of her career. Her reports on gardens in Germany and abroad have appeared in numerous national and international magazines.

In 2014 she was chosen �European Garden Photographer Of The Year� at the International Garden Photography Awards, IGPOTY in England. She also won the second prize with a portfolio in the category �Greening the City�.

Sibylle Pietrek
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